Spiritual Warfare

I feel to tell you something that has helped me quite significantly:  If you have a negative thought, a thought that hurts you to think in any way, it is the enemy’s whisper.  Cast it down!  Ask the Lord for the truth of whatever you are seeing as negative.  The Truth will set you free.  For example, when you think about a service provider that has been incompetent, you many initially feel that resentment in your heart.  Resentment is a horrible feeling.   Cast down that feeling and ask God help you understand the truth about the situation.

To illustrate this example, a person may think, “That service provider treated me badly because I am a worthless person or at least that provider sees me that way…maybe everyone sees me that way…”  Do you see how one negative thought or emotion can pull us down a stairway of negative thinking?  All there needs to be is that foot in the door to open it all the way and then walk down that staircase of misery.  If we assume the negative, even if it is false, when we believe it to be true it will still cause problems for us.  Rip out the tare (biblical word for weed) while it’s a seedling!  When the enemy whispers “that doctor treated you badly because you are a worthless person,” First recognize it as a lie from the enemy.  If you do not believe in “the enemy,” you must still believe that the negative thought has to come from somewhere and it is not a healthy pattern to start.  Our brain activity affects our health dramatically.  Thinking negatively has been proven by many studies to harm our health.  Accordingly, if it is negative and not constructively and lovingly critical, it is a lie!  Cast it down!


What happens when we ask God for the truth of the matter? He would, in the still small beingness of His voice shine “The service provider does not know Me.  This provider is overbooked at work.  He is just existing and not loving because he does not know Me.  Shine with My Love and not bitterness.  Remember I said “forgive them for they know not what they do.” Maybe the provider can first know Me through you?”

Ignorance might be bliss, but it is indeed it’s own curse.  I would much rather know and share the love and care of the Lord than be a callous uncaring person who never feels pain.  I treasure every thorn that has ever been in my side, if that is what it takes to get me closer to the Lord.  To know and feel His presence, there is no other reward that could ever come close to being as fulfilling.  God bless 🙂

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