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Maine Hope Center’s

Expert Advisory Board of Scientists

Every organization that works in the field of health and wellness, should have an Expert Advisory Board.  Maine Hope Center has a team of scientists who are discovering how we can best use hyperbarics and other oxygen therapies to increase the health and well being of people suffering from terminal and difficult to treat illnesses.  Below you can find the scientists working to develop best practices concerning oxygen therapies.

Dr. Li (Alex) Zuo was a project physiologist and research assistant professor at University of California, San Diego. Then he worked as an Assistant Professor in the College of Medicine at the Ohio State University Columbus Campus before he came here. Now he is an Associate Professor of Biology and Biomedical Sciences at University of Maine Presque Isle Campus. During past decade, Dr. Zuo’s research interest is to study the mechanism of oxygen cycling treatment and related oxygen therapy on muscle dysfunction during oxidative stress. 

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