Maine Hope Center: Presque Isle Site

Read About Our Mission:


The Maine Hope Center site in Presque Isle, Maine is a Christian Community Center & thrift store, but it is also so much more!  We are a place to come out of the cold, a place for Christian fellowship and Bible Study, a place for people to find prayer partners, and God’s foot in the door of the heart of Aroostook County. 

All proceeds from Maine Hope Center’s thrift store sales support our mission. Every dime is put to use under good stewardship to make sure that your donation makes the biggest difference right here in the County.

What you will find:

  1. Prayer is always free and readily given.
  2. We have extremely reasonable prices on all our items.
  3. We have a prayer chain for all of Aroostook County that anyone can request to be on.
  4. We offer events like live Christian Music.
  5. We offer free bible studies.
  6. We have a licensed cosmotologist who is also a minister that comes in to give free haircuts to those in need.

What items we accept and sell:

  1. We only except laundered clothes for sanitary reasons.
  2. We have limited space for larger furniture and appliances, but do occasionally sell these from time to time.
  3. We accept donations of cars and are not picky if someone decides to make a generous donation of a vehicle.
  4. Please Note:  Your gifts are always recieved with gratitude and reciepts for easy tax-deduction purposes are always available.